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I. Focus Industries

While we work across a variety of industries, our focus is helping to improve performance in banking and financial services, healthcare, education and non-profit organizations.

Banking and Financial Services

In the banking and financial services industries, we focus on strategic planning, building high-performance sales organizations, developing more effective teams and building aligned processes with a focus on client acquisition and retention.

Education, Healthcare and Government

In education, healthcare and government, we focus on leadership development, developing more effective teams, and anticipating and leading change.


For non-profits, we focus on creating sustainable revenue models, board engagement and strategic planning.

Employee Engagement

Recruiting and retaining engaged employees is critical to the long-term success of any organization. It doesn't take much for people to feel disconnected from the organization's mission or even devalued by it. This means they aren't focused on achieving their goals. While leadership is often concerned about their employees’ engagement, they don't always know what to do about it. That's where we can help.

By using statistically validated diagnostics, we can help you determine where employees feel disconnected from your team and its mission. Whether it's the messaging of your mission, a disconnection between employee and organizational goals, compensation plans, or something else, we'll help you start and finish your journey to a more engaged and satisfied workplace.

Sales Effectiveness and Revenue Growth

Many organizational development advisors look for quick fixes to a net income problem. They focus on cutting costs, which, while sometimes useful in the short term, can result in a fearful and disengaged work force. While we can also help with expense management and organizational efficiency, we prefer to work on growing top line revenue. To do so, we can engage our team in something as broad as clarifying your value-proposition, brand development and marketing. We can also simply help you build a more productive sales culture.

We can help you build a process rather than simply offer a canned sales training program. While sales training is essential to your success, we will also work to develop a sales management process that reinforces what your sales team learns from working with us. We will hang around long enough to make sure those processes and the money you invest in training pay off in the form of increased revenue, a greater share of your client's "wallet" and the retention of clients you've worked so hard to win.